Information Communications Technology

Information Communications Technology

Over a decade of investment in the ICT sector has made Trinidad and Tobago #1 in the LATAM and Caribbean region for IT Infrastructure. The Global Information Technology Report 2016

Investment Opportunities

Business Process Outsourcing

Large BPO firm focusing seeking to provide high quality customer interaction, online chat and tech-support. In 2015 the firm added a new contact centre to their existing global fleet.

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Software Design Services

Virtana is a robotics and software outsourcing company that services Silicon Valley clientele using Trinidadian trained graduates. They successfully started operations in 2018.

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Industry Facts

  • 5

    Undersea fiber connections
  • 98%

    Mobile coverage including 2G, GSM, 4G
  • 1st

    For IT infrastructure in LATAM & Caribbean region (year2015)
  • 2nd

    For IT skill readiness in LATAM & Caribbean Region (year2015)
  • Native English speakers

    Regional leader in English proficiency
  • Cost effective

    Most cost effective location in the Caribbean and Central American region* (FDI Magazine 2015/16)

Software Design & Services

The Software and Applications Development industry in Trinidad & Tobago’s ICT Sector, though in its infantile stage serves local, regional and international markets. Annually, over 400 ICT graduates are well equipped to adapt to the dynamism of the industry. Through upskilling opportunities graduates develop and utilize next generation technologies used in the Software Design & Services industry.

In July 2018, InvesTT  partnered with regional Software Development company  Hacker Hostel Limited to host a four-week training programme for local IT graduates. The outcome was to adapt their expertise to the demands of the international Software Development market.

BPO/Call Centre

Trinidad and Tobago boast superior English language skills, and comparative labor costs to other nearshore destinations (CSR: Average US$550 per month). This, combined with our relaxing Caribbean atmosphere, cultural affinity to the United States and multiple daily international flights from New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Houston make Trinidad and Tobago the perfect nearshore destination.

Data Centres

Regionally, Trinidad and Tobago is the leader in terms of IT infrastructure, with five undersea fiber connections that provide a robust and redundant supply. The country is ideally located for data centres to offer much-needed data storage, co-location, cloud and enterprise services to the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

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